1. Transfer related FAQs

  2. If the Bank's IFSC code cannot be found on the MIS then how should we enter the Bank Account details in Salary Bank Account Details section?
    Please ensure that you have entered the correct IFSC number. 0 (zero) and O (O) should be entered correctly. Even after entering correct values for IFSC or bank/branch name, if you do not find your required bank, then please send scanned copy of Passbook with Branch Name, Branch Code, IFSC Code, Full address i.e. District, Sub District (Tehsil), City/Village/Town and Pin code, and Bank Name of the concerned bank to hrymis@gmail.com. The bank's detail will be added to the list of available banks after verification.

  3. If my city/village/town name is not shown in the drop-down list of city/village/town in MIS then how do I complete the address details?
    Please send an e-mail to hrymis@gmail.com with your address details. The missing information will be updated in the MIS after verification.
    Send address in the format containing State, District, Sub District(Tehsil), CD Block, City/Village/Town, Rural/Urban.

  4. If my service details are shown incorrect/incomplete in "My Service Book" section? Then what should be done to correct them?
    If your service book details are shown incorrect, please delete the incorrect record by clicking "Delete" button and enter valid records again by clicking on "Add Appointment" button.

  5. My current appointment details in "My Service Book" section are shown incorrect/incomplete? It is un-editable.
    The user can change the "current appointment" to "previous appointment" by selecting the field "Is this your current posting" in the posting detail as "NO". Once current appointment is changed to "Previous Appointment", it can be edited or deleted.

  6. I have sent "My Profile" for approval. But I want to edit some details. What to do?
    Your approver can reject your profile then you can change details in "My Profile" itself. However editing can also be done by "Profile Correction Request" which can be done only when your "Profile" is approved.

  7. I have sent "My Service Book" for approval. But I want to edit some details. What to do?
    After sending My Service Book for approval, only approving authority has the right to edit the details of previous appointment and posting records. If there is some mistake in current appointment and posting records then request your approver to reject your profile and you can edit details of your current appointment and posting records.

  8. I haven't got my login username and password for MIS Portal?
    Kindly contact your concerned DEO for login username and password. If your login details are missing in the list shared by department ask your DEO to mail your employee id to hrymis@gmail.com. The Department will send your login credentials to DEO from where you can collect your user name and password.

  9. My username and password is not working. What to do?
    Kindly contact your concerned DEO/DEEO for resetting the password. The facility to reset password is provided in DEO/DEEO Login.

  10. If an employee gets deputed to school/office in UT Chandigarh. Then how his corresponding posting records can be entered on MIS?
    If you are currently deputed to any school or office in UT Chandigarh then you can check Yes option in "Are you currently on deputation?" while filling current posting details.

    You are supposed to fill the details of your service in "Department of school education Haryana" only. Select reason for leaving as "Deputed" when you leave "Department of school education Haryana". If you join back "Department of school education Haryana" then select Mode of Recruitment as Repatriation.

  11. If any employee gets regularized from ad-hoc in the same school then there is no relieving date in this case, then how can be it shown?
    Date on which employee is regularized is considered as the date of relieving from his "ad-hoc" appointment.

  12. What to do, if I have sent wrong/incomplete service profile for approval by mistake?
    Your approving authority (approver) can edit your service profile before approving it. You may request approving authority to correct your service profile before approving the same.

  13. I am approver of some employees but unable to edit any detail in Personal profile and current appointment and posting details in service profile. How can I rectify these details if any of my subordinates has filled these details wrong?
    Personal profile and current appointment and posting details cannot be edited from approver's MIS account. You need to reject personal profile of your subordinate so that he can edit his personal profile himself. If there is some mistake in current appointment and posting records then you can reject service profile of your subordinate and he can correct the current appointment and posting records himself through his own MIS account.

  14. I have filled wrong designation in current appointment and posting details, can I edit it through service profile correction? No, Designation/Job post cannot be edited in current appointment and posting records of an employee.

  15. My current appointment and posting records are correct but I had not filled any record in previous appointment and posting record. Can I add it now? Yes, an employee may add previous appointment and posting records if not filled earlier.

  16. How can I edit appointment and posting records, if my service profile is already approved? You can edit your appointment and posting record by simply clicking of "Edit appointment record and edit posting record.

  17. There are few fields that are editable in current appointment records whereas other fields are not editable, is it so? If current appointment has any automated (System generated) posting then only 'Appointment order number' can be edited. If manual current appointment then only 'Date of Appointment' and 'Appointment order number' can be edited.

  18. I have edited my service profile and sent it for approval, who will approve my edited service profile? Higher authority of an employee will approve the service profile correction request of employee using same procedure as S/he has approved service profile.

  19. Instructions regarding editing service profile